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Transforming the way corporates and advisors work together.

The advisor spend management solution that helps management to stay in control of the advisor spend before the bill arrives and maximize the impact of external partnerships. Through smart automation consalio replaces manual reporting and analysis processes and saves time to focus on what matters most.


consalio maximizes the impact of all advisor projects across the organization.

Our mission is to transform the way corporates and advisors work together. consalio provides full transparency on key success metrics throughout the entire project lifecycle. On top consalio eliminates and automates inefficient manual processes between corporates and advisors. This will increase project impact, decrease risk for budget excess and avoids time consuming and pointless discussions about invoices.

Why choose us?

With consalio

One cloud-based solution to manage all your advisors
Be aware of all current project costs before the bill arrives
Increase the impact of your advisor spend.
   Short and long term

Without consalio

Many hours spent on excel, pdf & emails for cost analysis
Feeling on “blind flight” during ongoing projects
Time consuming and unpleasant discussions
   on invoices and scope

Advisor Project Planning

Dynamic forecasting and project evaluation based on project blueprints and archetypes

Advisor Database

Improved evaluation of RfPs regarding advisor rates, project scope and satisfaction

Advisor Cost Allocation

Automated intercompany cost allocation of advisor projects

Maximize the impact of your advisor spend

Advisor KPIs

Pro-active management of advisor projects based on realtime key success metrics

Advisor Landscape

Visibility on all contracted advisors in the organisation by department & project lead

Advisor Workflows

Workflows for out-of-scope management and invoice approvals

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