External Spend Management Solution

Staying ahead of external spend

Through smart automation consalio replaces manual reporting and analysis processes and saves time to focus on what matters most.

consalio features goals solutions, easy budget management

AI-supported analysis of service partner costs

Use our advanced AI technology to scan and analyze all your transactions. By comparing the service records with the billing guidelines, our software highlights any inconsistencies and discrepancies. This allows you to quickly identify where records do not match billing guidelines, saving you a lot of time and money.

Express Insights AI Analysis Transactions

Full transparency of costs & services

Gain full visibility of the costs and services of your external partners, empowering you to make informed decisions. Our robust analysis and reporting platform offers valuable insights on time tracking, work in progress (WIP), and transactions versus invoices across various dimensions.

Beraterkosten Management Software Full Transparency of costs & services, easy budget management

Measurable impact

Real savings without compromising project quality or results. Having full transparency on key success metrics throughout the entire project lifecycle allows corporate departments to save

Beraterkosten Management Software External Spend Management Solution sustainable savings, easy budget management

Smarter approval workflow

Be empowered and experience a stress-free billing approval process and no more to post-invoice disputes. Check for consistencies, adherence to existing billing guidelines, alignment with the scope of work, and descriptive narratives. consalio provides a solution that not only simplifies but elevates your billing approval process to new heights of efficiency and clarity.

Beraterkosten Management Software External Spend Management Solution - Approval Workflow, easy budget management

Pro-active budget management

Budget management becomes a strategic and proactive process with consalio. Be aware of any budget risk through early alerts for limit approachings, threshold monitoring or peak detections.

Monitoring and alerts budget