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Whether creative services, social media or PR – every marketing function benefits from outside perspectives to create and spread innovative communication ideas that support the business objectives from sales growth to brand awareness.
But keeping all activities, invoices and budgets under control while creating multi-channel campaigns with multiple agencies, creatives and freelancers can be quite challenging.

The challenges while managing spend on agencies, freelancers, or creatives​

The challenges while managing spend on agencies, freelancers, or creatives​​

Poor Budget Monitoring & Forecasting
Marketing internal requests

Marketing departments often receive, such as product teams, sales teams, or executives. Managing and prioritizing internal requests from various stakeholders across the organization requires marketing teams to balance competing priorities and allocate resources effectively.

Marketing campaigns and projects frequently encounter changes in scope, objectives, or market conditions, requiring flexibility in budget allocation. Striking the right balance between accommodating changes and managing budgetary constraints is crucial for successful campaign execution.

Without a centralized system in place, tracking spending across various projects, campaigns, and agencies can become disjointed and inconsistent, making it challenging to monitor budgets effectively.

Marketing campaigns often require careful planning and coordination to ensure timely execution and delivery. However, short lead times or last-minute changes can disrupt this process, leading to rushed or suboptimal outcomes and increased costs.

Many marketing departments still rely on manual processes for managing invoices, contracts, and payments to external service providers, which can be time-consuming, error-prone, and inefficient.

Marketing campaigns often involve input from multiple stakeholders, including internal teams, external agencies, freelancers, and executives. Managing communication, feedback, and decision-making among these various stakeholders can be challenging, particularly when conflicting opinions or priorities arise.

Our Solution for your challenges.

With consalio’s marketing spend management software, you can take control of your agency costs, optimize your marketing investments, and drive greater business value from your marketing initiatives. Get started today and unlock the power of data-driven marketing decision-making

Marketing spend management: analytics & forecasting of your agency costs

Gain full visibility into your marketing spend across all agency relationships, campaigns, and projects. Our platform aggregates data from disparate sources, providing you with a consolidated view of your agency costs in real-time. Track expenditures, analyze trends, and identify cost-saving opportunities with ease.

Legal spend management- analytics & forecasting of your legal costs

Time sheets review & approval workflow

Our intelligent time sheet analysis enables you to detect anomalies and deviations from billing guidelines. The approval workflows streamline and automate the entire approval process, avoid lengthy invoice renegotiations and improve efficiency in your agency relationships.

Work in progress (WIP): approval workflow & invoice review

Stay within your budget with our monitoring function

Plan and forecast your marketing budgets with confidence using consalio’s monitoring function. Our platform leverages historical spend data and predictive analytics to help you accurately forecast future agency costs. Set budget targets, monitor performance against targets, and adjust allocations as needed to stay on track.

Stay within your budget with our monitoring function

Benchmarking of service partners

Generate comparable insights about your service partners, track their performance over time and identify trends. Consalio’s platform aggregates data from multiple sources, providing you with a holistic view of each service partner’s performance across various dimensions. Use insights to communicate expectations, set performance targets, and drive accountability.

Benchmarking Service Partner

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