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How it works

the software that helps you to stay in control of your advisor projects and save costs and time

consalio is eliminating manual work for both corporates and advisors and maximizing project impact through smart automation

As the single source of truth for current and historic advisor projects, consalio enables early conflict identification, realization of cost efficiencies, comparability of advisor projects with each other, and identification of improvement measures.

All project data in one place

All data is stored in one place allowing immediate access and comprehensive analysis from one source.

One tool for all advisors

consalio offers a single application to manage all your advisors within the organization in real time.

Total real-time transparency

The dashboard translates complex advisor time sheets into easy-to-understand project and cost overviews. At one click. At any time.

Easy to set up
and use

consalio is web-based, easy and fun to use. It reduces complexity without losing information.

Connectivity with
other tools

consalio can easily be integrated in existing project management tools.

Custom dashboards

The dashboard can easily be customized based on individual priorities, function and user preferences.